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Hello and welcome! My name is Kerry Luke and I am a licensed psychologist, wife, mother of two young children, and lifestyle/wellness enthusiast. I am passionate about helping other people make important changes to better their lives by incorporating key wellness concepts of body appreciation and self-kindness. These concepts will be woven throughout the blog. I am a firm believer that these concepts, when fully embodied, are the essence of how to live a balanced, healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.  At BASK, I will provide wellness tips, news about mental health, trends in the media, a forum to discuss important topics that affect our well-being, and ways to get in contact with me.

Life is super crazy and busy for all of us, which definitely can take a toll on your health and happiness. Here, I am also excited to share ideas that I have found useful and poignant, both personally and professionally to help bring more peace, balance, joy, and happiness. Thank you for stopping by.

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  2. JoAnn R

    Very cool site! Kerry’s a great psychologist!

    • Thanks, Mom. You are probably just a little bit biased. I appreciate it, nonetheless.

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